GMAX is not the latest body spray for young football players to douse themselves in before a big date, and it isn't an energy drink.  It is a measure of force between a player and the field at the point of impact.  Higher GMAX scores have been linked to increased rates of concussions.  In order to reap the GMAX benefits of crumb rubber infill (typically installed without a shock pad underneath), it is necessary to have meticulously maintained fields... something everyone agrees North Haven is bad at. 

Hot Fields

Artificial turf fields with crumb rubber infill are known to get significantly hotter than natural grass fields.  Some turf companies claim large reductions in field temperature based on encapsulation, however, there are no independent studies to confirm this and the reported findings of turf companies vary from 5 degrees to 25 degrees less than basic black crumb rubber.  The chart cited outlines the temperature differences between basic crumb rubber and natural grass.  

Turf Burns

While there are many references to artificial turf causing a higher percentage of turf burns, we thought the most compelling evidence was an interview with professional soccer player, Sydney Leroux.  Read it for yourself below.  Spoiler alert!  The U.S. Women's Soccer team now only plays on grass.  

Safety Considerations



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