There is no doubt that North Haven is not doing a proper job maintaining our athletic fields.  It is also undeniable that our children deserve better.  We have been told a number of times that synthetic turf requires less maintenance compared to natural grass.  On this page, we will explore the facts surrounding the number 1 argument for synthetic turf fields. 
RTFM - Read the Freaking Manual.

The SprinTurf manual can be found via the link below.  Pay close attention to Page 5. SprinTurf recommends grooming every 60 hours of play.  There are also special instructions for static electricity.   

Rate of Failure.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed over artificial turf field failure.  The nation's leading artificial turf installer (Field Turf) readily admits to 3% of fields needing to be replaced prior to warranty.    One of the critical components to fields lasting, is proper maintenance.  It is not controversial to say that North Haven is bad at maintaining fields. 

Cost Comparison.

Often, artificial turf is sold to towns and municipalities based on the "cost per hour of play" model.  Towns are told they can use the fields as a revenue stream by offering adults and leagues the option to play on them.  Check out the cost chart on page 7 of this study, then see if you think we are going to be able to raise $70,000 in revenue annually to pay for the additional maintenance. 

Think We Have It Wrong?

Making an informed decision is better than being correct.  If you have information from other sources (sources that do not sell turf... or lobby for the sale of turf), please pass them along and we will review and add as appropriate. 




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