We are not experts, so don't take our word for it! Read more from actual experts here. 

Read the facts from Dr. Sarah Evans, an expert from the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Pay close attention to the BOLD text on page 8.  "Based on these recent developments we recommend a moratorium on the installation of crumb rubber playing surfaces pending results of these studies."

Read more from Dr. Vasilis Vasiliou, Ph.D. from Yale encouraging the Town of North Haven to reconsider the use of crumb rubber.  Check out Dr. Vasilis credentials and seriously consider why we would disregard this advice?

Also there is Dr. Jerry Silbert.   Not only does he recommend other options, but he provides examples of other towns with well maintained grass fields.  He also addresses the "all the cool kids are doing it" issue by discussing the recent process our neighbors, the residents of Guilford, went through to end up with encapsulated sand infill. 

Still not convinced?  Here is a letter that was presented to town officials from Anne Hulick, RN, MS, JD.  She is the Connecticut Director for Clean Water Action (CWA) and the Coordinator of the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT Coalition.  We could do this all day...

Let's Think This Through...

What's the worst that could happen?  Sure that sounds like a rhetorical question, but are there real world applications?

Lawsuits and legal action related to artificial turf, consolidated:

Artificial Turf May Equal Real Litigation

Class Action Lawsuits, mention of two in New Jersey:



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