North Haven Against Shredded Tire Infill
Are You With Us?
Dr. Vasiliou

The expert opinion of the Professor and Chair of the Department of Environment Health Sciences at the Yale School of Public Health and Editor-in-Chief of Human Genomics on why crumb rubber is an unwise and unhealthy decision for North Haven public schools


See for yourself as soccer legend Julie Foudy starts the conversation about shredded tires (crumb rubber) being used as turf infill and the potential link to cancer.  Foudy speaks with lawyers, scientist, turf lobbyists, and the head of the EPA.  Don't take our word for it.  Take 16 minutes and see for yourself. 

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Board Meeting
The Facts

Shredded Tire infill (Crumb Rubber) is made of recycled tires and contains at least 11 known carcinogens and 20 known lung irritants.  

Fields with crumb rubber infill require maintenance every 60 hours.

Fields require infill levels be above .5" in order to prevent GMAX related injuries.

North Haven is not doing a good job maintaining current fields. 

The Falsehoods:

We voted for crumb rubber infill. - False - We voted for a new middle school with new fields.  

It is too late to change our minds - False - We still have time

NHASTI is just a bunch of people with too much time on their hands who don't respect the process, support athletics, or understand what they are talking about.

- False - We are concerned residents with literal skin in this game.

Check out the project history and see for yourself.


Latest News

Contrary to what had been communicated to the citizens of North Haven previously, at the 6/7/2017 Board of Education informational workshop it was uncovered that the Board of Education and the Middle School Building Committee do have the power to choose another infill or halt the project.  The appetite for this seemed mixed at best.  One Board of Education member stated that she would not feel comfortable allowing her children to play on these fields and a compromise would alleviate some of the fears parents have about the place their children will have gym class.  She stated it would be different if these were recreation fields.  Will children who have gym first period be required to shower?  Do we have laundry rooms on site to wash clothing covered in crumb rubber?  Will the Board of Education have the funds to maintain these fields?  Will either board choose to take action?  These questions remain unanswered.




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